The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles
The Goodside Company Candles

The Goodside Company Candles

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Our Classic Tins are 6oz and give you 30+ hours of burn time.  

Birch + Black Pepper - A warm and woody blend with a soft spiciness.  
  • Top – mandarin, cardamom
  • Middle – black pepper, jasmine
  • Bottom – sandalwood, patchouli, musk
Cactus Blossom -  This scent is great year round, fresh and light. A refreshing blend of flowers with a light hit of coconut with a hint of sandalwood. 
  • Top – green, citrus
  • Middle – coconut, floral
  • Bottom – musk, wood 
Grapefruit + Mint - A reviving blend featuring freshly-squeezed grapefruit and delicate notes of mint leaf.
  • Top: Fresh Rhubarb, Sparkling Pamplemousse
  • Middle: Herbal Mint, Calming Lavender
  • Bottom: Vanilla Shea, Thyme
Mint + Eucalyptus - Refreshing and clean. This fresh, crisp mint combines with base notes of bursting lemons, verbena, and eucalyptus.
  • Top: Fresh Mint
  • Middle: Verbena, Greens
  • Bottom: Eucalyptus
Morning Coffee - Nutty coffee aroma  with undernotes of cinnamon, vanilla, and a touch of cream. A true coffee scent has proven difficult to find - but this one is just that good. 
  • Top: Coffee Bean
  • Middle: Cinnamon
  • Bottom: Vanilla, Cream

Palo Santo - A woody, earthy fragrance highlighted by a blend of warm spice, cedar, and lemon leaf with hints of smoky incense. It's too good not to give it a try.  
  • Top: Cedarwood, Amber
  • Middle: Pine, Smoke, Earth
  • Bottom: Lemon Leaf, Cashmere, Incense Spice

Sea Salt + Orchid - An elegant aroma of tropical orchid, jasmine and white musk with hints of sea salt.  This scent is light, but strong enough to fill a medium room. A great choice for Spring & Summer.
  • Top: Fresh Orchid, White Musk
  • Middle:  Greens, Jasmine, Seasalt 
  • Bottom:  Ozone, Tonka

Warm Fireside - A cozy, comforting scent that reminds me of movie night by the fireplace.  A favorite among men.
  • Top: Cedar Wood
  • Middle: Sandalwood, leather
  • Bottom: Musk, rich amber


Limited Edition Scents

Island Citrus - balanced citrus scent takes you to your favorite island. With the sand on your feet, you'll enjoy a crisp journey of orange, pineapple, strawberry and greenery.  Bring the vacation home, this lush and juicy fragrance is the perfect for a mid summer refresh.  Available while supplies last.
  • Top: Valencia Orange, Italian Mandarin, Pineapple
  • Middle:
    Cara Orange, White Strawberry,
    French Raspberry
  • Bottom: Navel Orange, Honeybell Orange,
    Green Leaves 
Mahogany Coconut - a luxuriously crafted aromatherapy candle featuring subtle notes of warm mahogany, cooling coconut, delicate vanilla, and a hint of English Lavender. Alluringly luxe, this richly elegant scent will bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to any living space.

  • Top: Mahogany Woods, Citrus
  • Middle: Creamy Coconut, English Lavender
  • Bottom: Sandalwood, Vanilla, White Musk

Balsam Fir - A captivating scent that reminds you of a hike through the deep forest. Refreshing balsam and Frasier Fir, and rich notes of cedar join together with greens to make this classic Winter scent that no one can resist.  Cozy for the holidays, but versatile enough to burn through Fall and Winter.
  • Top: Fresh fir, greens
  • Middle:  Pine, Ozone
  • Bottom: Cedar, woodsy musk 

Christmas Cabin - A merry blend of blend of warm cinnamon and bayberry, with a swirl of cranberry and orange zest.  Perfect as a gift or to burn when you're expecting company.  This scent is inviting for the holidays and moves well into the cold Winter months. 
  • Top: Fresh fir, greens
  • Middle: Bayberry, cranberry
  • Bottom: Balsam wood, orange zest
Luxe Cashmere - Savor the luxurious warmth of this intriguing blend, sweet cocoa butter and coconut married with elegant undertones of cedarwood, jasmine, and indulgent vanilla. A perfect scent for every holiday occasion!
  • Top: Fresh Coconut, Amber
  • Middle: Jasmine, Cocoa Butter
  • Bottom: Cedar Wood, Musk
Frasier Fir - Let this iconic holiday fragrance bring warmth, joy and a sense of welcome into your home. Frasier Fir blends crisp Siberian fir needles, cozy cedarwood and calming sandalwood for an invigorating, uplifting scent.
  • Top: Green
  • Middle: Siberian Pine
  • Bottom: Cedar, Musk

Sweater Weather - The air turns cold and crisp when you go outside, the sun hits your face with a comforting warmth. The time of year that it's to much for a coat, but you can't get away with a t-shirt. The oak trees are turning bright colors of orange, crimson, and gold. Soon they will fall to the ground, and you can hear crunch of the leaves below your feet. You find comfort in a hoodie, sitting next to a fresh candle and enjoying the people around you. 
  • Top: Bright greens, fresh mint
  • Middle: Crunchy apple, peach, jasmine 
  • Bottom: Oak moss, musk
Apple Cider Donut - This candle is a mouth watering blend of warm apple cider with notes of cinnamon and vanilla, a perfect way to add some coziness on a crisp fall day.
  • Top: Honeycrisp apples, cinnamon 
  • Middle: Fresh donuts, warm cider 
  • Bottom: Tonka bean, vanilla, sugar crystals 
Cinnamon Roll - Fill your come with the cozy and inviting scent of freshly baked Cinnamon Rolls. Perfect for anytime of day, this scent will make you feel like Fall has finally arrived. Relax and enjoy.
  • Top: Cinnamon, Buttercream
  • Middle: Dough, Bakery
  • Bottom: Vanilla, Sugar

Bamboo Teakwood - Experience the luxury of this beautiful resort-worthy scent. Bamboo Teakwood combines floral botanicals with woodsy bottom notes for a refreshing, exotic, and sweet aroma that will transport your home to faraway vacation! 

  • Top: Bamboo, Sea Salt
  • Middle: Florals, Orchid
  • Bottom: Musk, Teakwood

Lemon Grove - A fresh, green lemon fragrance.

Notes: Kalamansi lime, green tea, citrus, and soft musk.

Cedar, Lemon & Oud - A strong, deep smokey cedar & lemon.

Notes: Oud, Vetiver, Golden Amber & Lemon

Fresh Lilac - It’s the truest Lilac I’ve been able to find, sweet and summery!

Notes: Lilac flower, gardenia, jasmine, orange blossom.

Beach Front- Let your feet sink into the warm sand, spritz on some tanning oil, and relax to the sounds of nearby water. Truly immerse yourself in the ultimate beach experience with our limited edition Beach Front candle. Housed in a flamingo pink glass vessel and featuring two cotton wicks, this candle is a must-have for summer or as a fun host gift for an outdoor pool party!
  • Top: Coconut Water, Ocean Mist, Vanilla Orchid
  • Middle: Beach Rose, Warm Sand, Crushed Seashells
  • Bottom: Tonka Bean, Driftwood, Musk